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    Our farmer-owned cooperative was founded in 1901, but our story dates back to the early 17th Century, when the Dutch reclaimed a coastal lagoon and created the nutrient-dense pasture that continue to feed our herds and produce some of the finest milk in the world. With artisan, time-tested techniques, we use this incredible milk to bring you the richest, most flavorful cheese.

    Our OriginsBeemster Cheese

    At Beemster, creating the best cheese goes beyond great taste. We’re committed to ensuring the health and happiness of our cows, our farmers, and the planet. For us, this means offering living wages for our team, protecting our land, and conserving energy. Most importantly, we treat our cows like they’re part of the family.
    Raising happy, healthy cows is at the core of Beemster’s commitment to sustainability. Our herds graze on pesticide-free pastures, and we never use artificial hormones. In return, our cows produce the rich, creamy milk we use to make exceptional cheeses. You can taste the difference and it’s a taste you can feel good about.

    Our Ethosat Beemster Cheese