Our Cheeses

At Beemster we are committed to make the tastiest premium Gouda cheese from the Netherlands.

  • Exceptional milk from happy, pasture raised cows never treated with artificial hormones.
  • Time-tested traditional recipes and craftsmanship by our master cheesemakers.
  • Traditionally aged on wooden boards.

How gouda was meant to be made.

P.D.O – North Holland Gouda

Beemster Medium (Aged 4 Months)

Cheese is part of life throughout Holland. The average Dutch person consumes over 40 lbs. of cheese per year. The Beemster farmers eat cheese on bread for breakfast, on a sandwich for lunch, and often use cheese as an ingredient in dinner dishes. The Beemster farmers, who work hard to provide the highest quality milk in the Netherlands, prefer their cheese aged 6 months.

The favorite of the Beemster: Medium, Semi-soft & Tangy.
Pairs with red wines and dark beers; a good choice for croque monsieur.

Beemster Aged (Aged 10 Months)

Beemster Aged has won several gold medals at cheese contests all over the world. Its distinct yet refined taste and wonderfully creamy texture are great additions to a sandwich or salad as well as your favourite casserole or cheese platter. This particular cheese contains tiny tyrosine crystals (amino acids) which can subtly be tasted adding depth of flavour. It is therefore no surprise that connoisseurs prefer this cheese for its unique taste

Profound flavor, Firm & Bold with the smooth, rich feel
Pairs well with red wines, port wines and dark, stout breads

Beemster X.O. (Aged 26 Months)

This cheese is revered by cheese connoisseurs for its rich flavours of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan. The XO has been aging for over 2 years in historic warehouses and due to the unique milk and craftsmanship, it stays creamy while developing flavour. As the longest aged Beemster cheese, there are normally tyrosine crystals in the cheese itself that result in “crunchies” that consumers often look for when purchasing an aged product.

It pairs well with roasted macadamia and cashew nuts, green olives and white grapes. The intense aroma of Beemster XO pairs extremely well with good red wines, heavier beers, aged madeira and whiskey.

Beemster Royaal

Beemster Royaal is like a piece of gold that melts on your tongue. Due to its special recipe a unique cheese has evolved with a wonderful smooth creaminess. Its slightly nutty and slightly sweet taste leads you to an overwhelming tasting experience.

Beemster Royaal is wonderful to suggest to shoppers who are interested in expanding their horizons of specialty cheese beyond the basics. Its uniquely sweet flavour attracts children more than any other cheese yet satisfies more advanced consumers who have a long history with specialty cheeses.

Great in sandwiches, a cheese fondue or cheese platter.

Beemster Royaal Grand Cru

This Beemster cheese is fit for a king… literally.

This special selection cheese was developed by our master cheesemakers to honor our appointment as a purveyor to the Royal Court of the Netherlands. The Grand Cru is aged for a further 6 months.

Drink Pairing – Craft beers (IPA and Pilsner alike), full-bodied red wines (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon), white wines (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc) and cider

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