Great gourmet cheese comes from great milk. Great milk comes from happy cows.caringdairy-e1404912909387[1]

Beemster is a founding partner of Caring Dairy, introduced in 2008 as a program to audit farming practices and ensure that Beemster is working in a sustainable way that integrates animal welfare, farmer welfare, land preservation, energy, and climate.

The tenets of Caring Dairy are:

  • Happy cows: active, conscientious care for cows to ensure their health and welfare.
  • Happy farmers: fair living wages and education to establish economically sound farms.
  • Happy Planet: control the impact that farming has on land and climate, conserving use of energy and making the supply chain sustainable from cow to cheese.

Beemster promises that our delicious cheeses come from cows raised humanely, without artificial growth hormones and with free range access to pesticide-free pastures, clean air and fresh water.